Horoscope For Those Born Under the Gemini Sign for Friday 20th April by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Friday
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People usually say one good turn deserves another, Geminis. And your bad memory doesn't let you be thankful to your partner for everything they do in your everyday life.

Those small details that help your day shine a little brighter, whether it is because they wake you up, they make you breakfast or they handle family business you should be taking care of, but which you can't manage because of your schedule.

Remind them that you're perfectly aware of how they go to great lengths for you and prepare something special as a token of your appreciation.

Also, it's Friday already. What better day for a dinner night out at an exotic Asian restaurant, with some strawberries and champagne for dessert in a romantic spot?


There's some information you don't want to know about at work, but you'll be told and expected to take sides, because it really affects you as well.

It will be related to the performance of an old workmate who's no longer around and left a clear footprint behind, but also split open ends that need to be worked on.

You'll try to be a fly on the wall so that the problem is sent off to someone else, but stars encourage you not to do so. Be brave and accept the challenge of fixing whatever you can so that their name isn't a synonym of failure.


Your mood isn't too high today, even if there isn't any problem in particular to disturb your spiritual peace.

You feel like you're missing something, that there's nothing worthy in your life, at least where you expected it to.

Still, every day you face a great treasure when you get out the shower, when you're driving or when you take the lift. Your own reflection.

Because you're a true valuable treasure, and other people know, but sometimes you forget, and that shouldn't happen again. Are we clear on that?