Gemini Magic Horoscope for 27th April

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Denying reality won't help you overcome trouble, not even the kind that only happens beneath your chest and remains invisible to the world.

Especially when we're talking about an ended affair; Geminis, not talking about it or denying it won't make your beloved come back.

You don't have to keep your hopes alive for no reason. Be honest to yourself and don't hurt yourself by getting angry because of what you might have done, which never happened in the first place.

The whole weekend's ahead, how about closing off this episode and bring out the best in you to cheer up your bruised heart, Geminis?

You need to remember how beautiful it is to love and be loved in return.


If you want to keep your job, you need to socialise more with your workmates and managers, as well as the general public if you're working directly with them, Geminis.

Stars encourage you to be part of your company's ethic: how they work, how they manage things... their genetics, almost.

Being independent can definitely be good, but if you turn your back to your partners, your efforts alone won't work, because you're a team, a chain.

Things take a long while as they are before you can change everything overnight, so try to blend in. And don't question the managing board's decisions.


Your head hurts, and that's obvious, Geminis. No one would want to be you today, with this much pressure and concern.

In fact, your stomach feels cramped with all that rage; you'd like to rebel against the establishment and you're afraid of bursting out any second now.

Even if you really want to, don't make the dangerous mistake of taking the law into your own hands and sentencing everyone to your heart's content.

Take a halt, count to ten and twenty, whatever you want, but try to keep calm to avoid making things worse, which could happen even if it seems impossible.