Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Connections to your friends will be quite bubbly today, and lead to funny, comfortable situations. It's a one-time chance to get closer to some of them and knowing them better.

Instead, your family relationships will be deep in the shadows, especially because the clash against a close relative is getting more and more complicated. You're reaching the point of no return by now, so gather some courage and try to make peace.

Besides, Geminis will have a fun day today if they know how to use the hilarious situations that'll come around at different moments of the day.


You've spent a few days stressing too much at work, which of course has consequences for your body, but also your mood. Perhaps these days you feel a bit apathetic, low-mooded, surly... and that's what stress does to you.

There's many activities you like doing in your free time, and your creativity allows you to be quite good at them.

Today's the time to stop and make some extra room for books, music, photography, painting, and all the artsy activities you're good at which help you relax.


Today you should take quite a close look at the expiry dates of the food items you'll be having, or the meat you'll be eating. Make sure they fill every requirement, because the stars point out there's high risks if you eat foul meat and dairy products today.

But you shouldn't become an extremely analytical forensic agent. Don't take the wrong path of obsession. All you need to do is keep your guard high and be a little more cautious with this issue.

Your bowel movements and stomach health could be at a standstill today, so try your best to eat light meals or foods.