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Full Horoscope for Gemini for This Coming Friday 13th July by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Friday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Crying is no sign of weakness, Geminis, quite the opposite. Sometimes you have a shallow understanding of emotions, and you set up too much of a barrier that makes you cold.

A good exercise for today would be to let go of all those emotional devices that stop you from fully experiencing your feelings. And that's what life is about, Geminis, emotions. Life needs to be lived radically.

Experience naturally the situations that bring you to breaking point, whether they're sad or happy. Crying will make you empty your insides so that you can fill the void with love and positive feelings. Sometimes, when we want a rebirth, we need to let some feelings wither and die.


Today's day of work will be useful to see things in perspective and reflect on success (and its opposite, failure). Today you'll find that a large part of success and failure comes from the weight we give to these words.

We live in a world where everything is measured by the filters of success, and anything outside that is failure. That's a big mistake, Geminis! Analyse everything you can do and you'll see you're not using the smallest bit of your potential. Instead, you process all mistakes as a proof of your failure.

Why be so hard on yourselves, Geminis? What for? As soon as you lower your expectations you'll see your feeling of failure fade away.


If you got a cut or a more or less deep wound, be careful with infection. The stars warn there's trouble brewing with open-wound infections, so double your safety measures, cauterise the wound with alcohol, and if you see it changing colours, go see your doctor.

Besides, your hands will be especially sensitive. If you do any sort of handmade work, you need to watch out and not get hurt.

Your hands' skin could suffer if you touch chemical soaps or products. Remember how important it is to keep your skin properly hydrated.