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Read Your Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 27th July

Find out Your Forecast for Today, Friday
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Optimism will shine down on your Friday, even more so as you glimpse on the weekend and those exciting plans. Still, Saturday doesn't come until tomorrow; don't miss out on today because you're thinking of tomorrow's events.

Today you'll find some interesting and wise individuals who can teach you a lot, and will bring a boost of energy and positivity in the form of laughter and good, fun times.

If you're able to focus on today and enjoy the here and now, today you've got great, promising chances ahead to have fun and try out new things.


Staying updated is essential if you're doing investments. Today will be an important financial cycle change day for Geminis' investments. Although the stars point out the change will be positive, you need to stay updated on financial information to avoid missing out.

In other news, you'll receive tempting financial pressure and proposals. Turn both down.

The week's over and the workload is coming down. Still, don't relax too much; if you have to finish something, don't put it off for the next day. Go for the weekend with all work done.


Your ruling planet's change of house is turning your health around. The pains and cramps that had come to stay around your back and neck areas will start to improve, and will gradually disappear.

Your nervousness will also start to fade away.

The pain will move from your neck and back to your arms and legs, and it'll be tough on you for the next few days. Now that you're in a transition process, you could start carrying out some safety and prevention measures.

You should especially remember that it's important to rest well and at the right time, and to do some sport on a scheduled routine.