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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Friday Is Going to Be for Gemini

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Friday 6th July
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Issues, issues everywhere. You like to find the issues in everything, Geminis. It's all in your head, so start trying to be happier and find the tools to build your bliss.

Relationship issues? You can't expect to feel the same passion about the same person all the time, or to keep harmony in your relationship as if life had nothing but a good side. The success of your love story lies precisely in your ability to row the same boat when waves come crashing through. It's all about holding on, Geminis.

Issues after turning 30? Don't start with that. You haven't given age that much importance! Keep doing things with the same excitement you've always done them. You'll see you've still got a lot of energy.


Today you need to follow your partner's advice on saving and spending, because you haven't done very well lately. Besides, you may have been holding up too much of a domineering attitude towards finances, so the other person may feel they have nothing to say sometimes.

Try to be more communicative with them, share your thoughts and ask them about what they need. You need to be more conciliatory about this.

On the other hand, the stars predict there's some estate on sale and you could greatly profit from it as a buyer. If you were looking for a chance to speculate, intensify your search; this could be your moment.


Solve all your pending and delayed issues, especially regarding your emotions, to feel at ease and enjoy this start of the weekend.

What will help you relax the most will be to keep your conscience clear. Knowing that everything's in order, that you owe nothing to no one, and that you're at peace with the rest of the world, will help you to rest much better.

You can even purify your soul and do a bad vibe cleanse to have a completely harmonious weekend. Not only you'll feel thankful, but also the people around you, because they'll enjoy the best version of yourselves.