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Gemini Magic Horoscope for This Coming Friday, June 15th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Friday
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Buckle your seat belt, because you're in for an emotional wild ride. You'll be swept away by a mixture of surprise, excitement and nervousness when finding out that someone you know likes you a lot. Who can it be?

It had been a while since you last felt so alive, right? We all enjoy being liked, because it gets our self-esteem up and reminds us that it's always a good time to think about love. It's never too late.

Don't get obsessed, because sometimes the game of finding out who's after you is already interesting. Experience this excitedly, as if you were a schoolgirl, and let yourself experience those raw emotions for once.


Keep calm about a bad situation at work. If you feel you're closer to losing your job than keeping it, if there's a conflict that hasn't been solved and could mean trouble, or if there's something that's getting you to breaking point... keep calm.

The stars predict you'll have a nerve-wracking situation with a happy ending. Of course, it won't be easy, and you'll have to give your all so that things come to a good end.

But something's clear, Geminis; if you face today being pessimistic and defeated, there's worse things to come. So put on your fighter's suit and go to work ready to eat the world up.


Your stress is finally starting to come down, which means you're working well to solve some things. But you'll fall into a relapse, because you put too much weight upon your back and you put extreme pressure on yourselves.

Trying to be perfect at work, relationships, with friends and family is a dream. You're not flawless. Learn to absorb that and start taking weight off your back. Give yourselves more quality time.

Frustration and stress are also affecting your body, especially your bowel movements. Today you'll suffer the consequences. Get serious about it.


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