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Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Gemini Horoscope for Friday June 22

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Friday
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This Friday will be a day to team up with your partner; your mutual connection will be very important. Everything you do, every word you say, will look and sound different, and that's because you're at a special intersection of the star system.

Besides, you'll be blessed by the stars, so everything will go well. Dare to plan, make things up, risk it. For example, if you want to give your partner a romantic dinner with elaborate cooking involved, go ahead. It'll all run like a well-oiled machine.

Once you're together, your inertia can be very interesting, positive therapy. Although one always tries to see the good side of their loved one, today you can try finding out your flaws mutually, as a way to learn to love your least attractive traits.


If you're Geminis under 30, you're probably indecisive about whether you should buy or rent the place where you'll live your partnered life. It's a difficult decision most times, because our fears about the future are also involved.

It is true that the fear of buying, because of what's happened recently with mortgages, is quite the norm. Besides, with such a changing world, it's scary to tie yourself down to one single place. It's also true, on the other hand, that renting is nothing but a dream for most youngsters, because the prices are sky high.

With this anxiety all around, let your heart be the guide: the stars predict there's steadiness at a medium and long run, so it wouldn't be too bad to buy. Also, try middle-range solutions, such as hire purchasing, on which you can agree with the owner.


The situation will be opposite to yesterday: today you'll wake up with a great mood. You can't usually explain it, but sometimes your mood is directly linked to how long and well you've rested.

In any case, today's a relaxing day for you. You won't just wake up on a good mood and good vibrations; during the whole day you'll be ready to try everything.

Try to stick to that mindset every day; don't let pessimism and trouble defeat you, and don't let days like today be an exception to the norm.

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