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Gemini Forecast for Friday 8th June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Friday
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Now that your relationship has become a boring, bland nightmare, it's essential to give your partner a boost of passion. It's not enough to double your efforts in sex, Geminis, or getting them a present. This is about innovation and surprises.

Since you're used to being passive, not going very deep, it won't be hard. Create an atmosphere that brings up a romantic, passionate scene (sometimes what you think is cheesy, your partner will find unique).

And then, take action. Use aphrodisiacs, incense scents and specific food condiments with which your intimate relationships will get tasty and colourful. A gift for the senses, and a lifesaver for your relationship.



A workmate will come see you with some job issues. It's important to help out in these situations, because you could be the one in trouble any day.

If that employee gives you an unfair situation that could harm their performance, you need to give them proper advice and even mediate between their demands and the managers' opinions.

Don't risk your job, Geminis, but don't stay out of the question completely, as if it were an issue out of your league.


Geminis, today you need to settle that problem of yours with breathing. You're very much aware that breathing problems are part of your daily medical charts, and you're also neglecting something that could turn into a really serious health problem.

The important thing is, according to the stars, those lung issues could get easily solved just by going to the doctor and following their orders to the very last bit. The problem, as usual, is that you keep putting it off.

Those breathing problems could become chronic if you don't start taking action to solve them, so get rid of your fears and go see your doctor so that they can help out.

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