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Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 16th March

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It's a great day to find a partner, Geminis!

You should work on your fun-loving side, and be ready to take on a mental dare with someone who wants to challenge you.

Cupid is behind every corner, and after a nice chat, today he might send you a few arrows.

Venus, the planet named after the goddess of love, will make everything flow smoothly.

Open your eyes, because a close relative of yours or a good friend needs help.

They're falling prey to an obsessive disorder that's harming their health, and they will be hard to help because they think they're doing everything perfectly.

Go beyond symptoms and help them before it's too late and this issue grows worse.


You've got a good end of the week as far as work and money are concerned. Good job, Taureans, that's the spirit!

Your effort makes you a leader in reaping the distinctions of hard work.

You'll finally see the rewards you've worked on so carefully for so long, material rewards that will allow you to spend them on a project that you'd rather not share for now.

You're a trustworthy person, even if there's jealous people who think you can be innocent and mean.

You take small, but strong and sure steps, and you've proven with your hard work that you keep going until you reach your goals.

You know how to be up to par, perhaps even above average.


You're overwhelmed and can't isolate from the world, not even on those small times when you're home alone. Try to do simple relaxation exercises to find a little peace of mind.

Inhale through your nose and fill up your chest and belly. When you're full of air, as if you were a balloon, take it all out as slowly as you can, exhaling through the nose.

Repeat it 6 to 10 times. It will help you to relax but also to stay more alert because your senses will be quicker.