Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Just because you can scream louder doesn't mean you're the best comunicator.

If you need to talk to your partner, do it politely and respectfully, without screaming, because if you scream you'll build walls instead of ending a conflict.

This Friday will be a battle for you and your beloved, and you both feel like bringing out the dirty laundry and tell each other off about yesterday.

Where do you want to go with that? Do you want to feel like you've won the battle, do you wish to be right, or do you want to solve everything so that you can work on a life together?

According to the stars, if you need to argue, do it within the home and without involving friends or family, and of course, don't ask anyone to pick a side. It's your war, because you're there on your own adult self.


The Magic Horoscope predicts for you a short-term move, and it will be for a completely annoying reason.

Changes are definitely overwhelming, but if you analyse it calmly, moving houses (probably to a relatively close area) may help you reduce costs.

Ask if anyone around you has homes for rent or to buy that fit your needs, because there's a house coming up which fits your new needs perfectly; we predict they are family-related.

If you're starting to sell things around the house to have a lighter move, sell whatever you can on second-hand apps and put that money into a piggy bank to get something nice for yourself in the future.


Keep your eyes wide open this Friday, Geminis, because you'll be a bit clumsy.

According to the stars' position, you're very likely to knock out your knees or head, so watch out.

In the same way, get away from anything close to you that is related to fire, flames or heat sources, to avoid bigger problems.