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Read Your Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Friday 9th March

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We're feeling controlling, Geminis! Stars point out that today you've set the goal of controlling every single thing.

You'll be alert all around you, especially with your partner, seeing who are they talking to or not, what time they get in and out of the house.

This will make things awkward because there's no way you can explain it.

Stop playing spies, because you won't find anything out of the ordinary, and your partner will take it as a personal affront.

And control that foul mood of yours, because sometimes you get inexplicable mood swings.

There's a serious health issue in your family that you haven't heard of, and no one wants to tell you to avoid causing you trouble.


Be careful about setting up projects within the company without a previous consultation with your boss.

You do it with the best of intentions, but a lack of communication can bring this against you.

Jealous workmates will jump up and claim you're meddling into their work, although there's no real definition of what your job and theirs involves.

Just to be sure, the healthiest thing to do is communicate through e-mail, texts or notes.

In the end, you'll appreciate getting into trouble, because you thought you were doing something people would thank you for, and which ended up becoming a source of resentment.


You're worried about your looks. You don't feel you look good on the mirror and you're thinking of undergoing surgery.

Check how your finances are going, because even if you can affort it (perhaps with a loan) you could wait.

Another choice is to find a trip related to health tourism, with a package that implies going to another country where specific interventions are cheaper.

If you want to find an oasis of bliss, start being more thoughtful to yourself every morning, because just by doing something new you'll make a minor difference.

Working on this side of yourself day by day will help your self-esteem improve, and perhaps you'll start feeling better about what you've got.