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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Friday 11th May

Magic Horoscope for Today, Friday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Today, the stars' path will bring under the spotlight some issues you don't want to discuss with your partner.

Don't avoid them, because the best and most sensible choice is for you two to find a solution sooner than later.

There's problems that don't stop hanging around just because you don't discuss them; especially if they're related to a double life, or to actions done behind your partner's back. In the end, lies, Geminis.

Put your hand to your chest and bring your heart out, show it fearlessly, because... why should you lose time lying about your feelings or trying to cover a big hole with a tiny patch?


Have you wanted to invest your money for a while? You need to get well-informed through a trusted team of experts; but do it this Friday, because you're likely to succeed.

This doesn't mean that you should let anyone tell you what to do, of course. All that glitters isn't gold.

You'll also be at the right time to find new market spaces, and even change jobs.

You'll find some bumps along the road, but don't let it leave you breathless.


The best weapon to keep your much-enjoyed health is the Sun, which is essential for proper vitamin D input.

Add to this bringing fresh air into your lungs within a natural environment, because you need it.

Of course, don't forget to give your mind a break. You can do this by going to bed early, which you can pair up with a relaxing valerian tea, or some organic pills if you don't like that sort of beverages.

If you can top it all off with a good exercise routine, nothing can go wrong.

It seems like a very complex and complete combination, but if you want your wellness to last longer, you need to give it time to finish all your tasks, even if you say you don't have enough of it. You can do it. Go for it, Geminis!