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Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Friday

Find out Your Gemini Horoscope for Today, 18th May
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Geminis, people say that you can't choose family, and you're realising that's unfortunately very true. Ongoing family issues will intensify today.

Your star prediction includes a complicated situation which will get you and your closest relatives involved, which is very likely to end up becoming one of those days-long conflicts.

At this point you need to think whether you should keep trying to make things better in the rotten state of relationships, at the risk of losing your temper and health; or whether you should let go and find your own way away from the family core.

Meanwhile, until that path is found, you need to try to make arguments occur peacefully with everything you've got.

Bring to the light your abilities to sympathize and bring together opposing personalities to bring people closer and solve everything. Or at least make it a little better.


If you're awaiting a job interview call, stars will smile upon you and you'll have a productive day about that.

You've been waiting for a lucky break, and this will be a turning point you need to use to stabilize your finances and career.

Getting a job is always a good chance to get self-esteem and give up on that disabling depressive stage.

Don't make expectations too high at the beginning. Remember that right now it's important to have a job, take a routine and develop your skills as best as you can. The rest will come by itself.

If you aren't satisfied about your duties keep looking for a job, but try to be serious about the job you get.


Feeling okay about your own body is very important to reinforce your self-esteem and walk around with your head held high.

Still, this situation is making you obsessed, and you're likely to lose your grip on reality and make some rushed decisions.

Cosmetic surgery is in fashion, and the fact that it's become so popular makes people from all areas of society and finance consider it.

If you were thinking about going under the knife to get some adjustments, the stars predict that it is absolutely not recommended. Any cosmetic surgery operation can go wrong. Try to improve your looks with everyday life tips, a healthy diet and exercise.