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Magic Horoscope Brings You the Latest Gemini Prediction for this Coming Friday 25th May

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Friday
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Geminis, the relationship with your parents has been disastrous for way too long. Instead of a positive change, the stars predict there's even more trouble brewing.

Today you'll have such a heated argument, it'll seem impossible to make peace.

Of course, when you reach this point, both parties are to blame somehow, but if you only put the blame on the other party, you'll never solve your own issues.

You should analyse closely where you're going wrong. Your immaturity is blocking all ways out. If you try to change, everything can be fixed.

Change your mindset and don't be so proud; tell your parents you're sorry and share your needs and requirements. A more relaxed relationship will satisfy you.


You had always had a dream, some property you wanted to get when you had enough money: a house, a car, or a very expensive gift for a loved one...

Don't rush it, Geminis, and listen to the stars today. Your numbers are getting better, true, you're in a hopeful situation. But it's still early to think about spending the money.

Since your financial cycles have been shifting in the last few weeks, it would be risky to waste everything you've got. Keep your head cool.

You'll have time to enjoy it and reap the rewards after putting some effort. But for the time being, a big investment could ruin your plans.


That strange decline feeling you've had since you woke up is no more than the consequence of your mental state.

If you turn every little annoyance into a mountain and you're constantly thinking about how bad you feel, your body falls down and becomes extremely vulnerable.

Today you urgently need to try to stay strong and keep positive thoughts going on.

Also, try to be more careful about medications, because self-medication can be very dangerous. You can't fix everything with pills.