Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Dear Geminis, this month you'll mistake politeness for flirting. The good manners of someone around you will make you believe they're romantically attracted to you, but that's not the case.

Be careful if you're jealous or controlling your partner. According to the stars' prediction, you'll be constantly watching everyone, and this can make things awkward and generate tension within your circle of acquaintances.

There's also strong arguments coming up, related to a third person in the life of one of you two. Arguments which will be evidently erroneous will make you clash with each other, but you'll get over it.

Those Geminis living a secret love must choose whether to make the relationship steady, because if you continue with that way of life, your relationship won't progress.


At work you'll find a workmate with whom you've been sharing years of friendship, and who will be kind of mean and will behave badly to you.

Find a way to have some conversation to know what's going on, and in the end, through dialogue, you'll win the battle they set out for you.

To do some budget cuts, check your stock and find offers in the market that turn out to be more competitive.

Watch your home economy, especially when going shopping, because your numbers might not work due to little purchases here and there. Be sensible about it.



Don't dwell in a supposedly better past. Don't forget that you're living in the present, and what you should enjoy at all times is the here and now.

When going to sleep, consider that it's not the same to sleep 7 or 8 hours straight than sleeping less and making up for it with a good nap. Your body could feel the consequences if you don't sleep well.

You're less and less selfish each time, and you've been demanding and judging others even less. Keep following that path from within, because it will take you far.

When you've got an off day or you need to load up don't think twice and go to places with green areas to contact nature. It will do you good.