Gemini Magic Horoscope for This Coming Monday, April 16th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Monday
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You didn't get a writ of summons, but you'll experience a full trial with your partner where you'll be the defendant, and the defence lawyer, if the Honorable Judge gives you permission to speak in your defence.

Something you've done wrong (or at least, not entirely right) in the last few weeks will bring a catastrophe.

You've been talking (perhaps doing more?) secretly to someone who used to live in your heart for a while.

Your partner has found out and they believe you've betrayed them, that you've been hiding it, that you did this on an evil purpose, and they will interrogate you or judge you because of that.

Just plead partially guilty, and with a little playfulness, make them sentence you to make a lovely romantic dinner just for the two of you. It will be a fair sentence.


When you sign a work contract you need to read all terms and conditions, especially small print.

Since you signed it a while ago, it wouldn't be too crazy of an idea to take it out from wherever you've stored it and reread it closely.

You're unknowingly breaking one of the rules in the contract, possibly related to the privacy and confidentiality of data, and this could mean trouble if the managers ever found out.

Try to keep composure as much as you can, pretending you've never come out of the box, like everything's fine and dandy. And learn your lesson about what you can and can't do in the future, if you want to avoid risking getting fired.


You've started Monday off on a very lively note, Geminis. Bravo! This is obviously because of the stars' great alignment, which is completely in your favour.

Take advantage of this, because it isn't usual!

You'll particularly notice your physical strength increasing, so use it wisely in tasks that you or someone around you needs to get done. Didn't an elder relative tell you to help them move some shelves around?