Magic Horoscope Reveals Your Gemini Horoscope for Monday April 23rd

Health, Money and Love Prediction for Today, Monday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Don't start your week by lazing around, Geminis.

Some bad choices in love will take a toll on you today, because you went terribly wrong.

There will be a series of arguments and misunderstandings, where you'll have to learn a valuable lesson and put it into practice soon.

You'll soon be tested again on this, and you better pass with flying colours if you don't want your love to be broken immediately after it's started.

Find the sanity you seem to have locked away, because you really need it.

And don't harm those who love you just because. Things are tense even if you can't notice it. You should also apologise if you see you need to.


Monday seems like the perfect day to sign contracts, and you've got a pen at the ready, full of your best ink.

However, stars in the Magic Horoscope encourage you to slow down, take a calmer pace and avoid making important decisions today.

For the sake of your economy, you should sign all documents required in a few days' time, out of caution.

You need to read closely what's being offered to you and what is expected from you on the agreement, so that there's no surprises or painful regrets later.

Patience will help you get better, more beautiful and sweeter rewards. Will you be able to wait as calmly as you should?


You need to enter a stage of energy renovation, and you need it soon. Let magic and power flood every inch of your skin so that you carry on to do great things.

You need to break up with the moodiness you've sunk into, and open up to the outside world.

Experiencing human contact, but also feeling close to nature, the mountains, the trees, the water.

Even if you think you don't have one, find a free spot to harmonise with an open natural space, like a forest or a beach. Sit down, take your shoes off and breathe in.

Can you feel Mother Nature holding you?