Magic Horoscope Brings You Your Gemini Future from the Stars for this Coming Monday

Horoscope Forecast for Today, Monday 30th April
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Your partner's been tangled in a series of overwhelming work and personal commitments, and they don't have enough time.

That's why you feel kind of left on your own, Geminis, as if you didn't have important space in their daily lives.

Claim your spot, make them see that you feel you're being mistreated, and that you won't go on much longer like this.

If they're smart, your partner will take this as a dictator's order and they'll start changing up their act from the very first minute.

If they don't change and everything's the same, you'll be able to act accordingly; they've been warned.


Gambling and betting aren't your thing, and they don't give you the great benefits you expected.

Not even through the phone or the computer, Geminis, no matter how sweet and fun it looks on TV.

Don't you think that, if that were the case, everyone would gamble around with their money in casinos, instead of going to work everyday and trying hard?

In case you're still doubtful, stars encourage you to avoid spending a single note or coin in gambling.

They do recommend you, however, to put your time and effort into work projects, or finding a job if you're unemployed, Geminis.


You've got health habits made by yourself through other people's knowledge, and through books you've chosen yourself.

Deep down, you know you've looked for sources which justify the lifestyle you've chosen, and as long as it's healthy, everything's fine.

But you can't expect everyone to think your right, or believe yourself to be a healthy habit promoter, because there's a limit to everything.

You will precisely have a heated argument who wants to fight back what you consider to be the great truths of a healthy life.

Keep calm and admit that maybe, just maybe, you're not the sole possessor of the truth and nothing but the truth.