Gemini Forecast for Monday 9th April by Magic Horoscope

Astral Horoscope for Today, Monday
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Having a relationship isn't something based on a user's manual; it's a trial-and-error thing.

But you need to take for granted that it implies a commitment you're not always willing to take: being generous, giving it your all.

A boyfriend, girlfriend or life partner isn't a coat you can buy, try on at home and bring back to the store pretending like nothing's happened if you regret getting it.

If you're just starting a romance and you're not sure it's what you want for the rest of your life don't go any further, because you'll hurt an innocent victim. Walk around very carefully today.


Geminis, do you have a fixed-term contract, perhaps because of a replacement or a production increase?

Today the stars predict changes at work, and perhaps one of your network contacts, if you have a few, will leave you and you'll be informed of this at some point during the day.

But in any case, it isn't a final goodbye, just something temporary. They'll count on you soon, because your supervisors think you're a great employee.

When that call comes you'll be the one to choose if you accept, because the work conditions you'll meet may be worse than the ones you've got now.


Planets won't help you this Monday to have good vibrations, so you'll feel a little weak.

You may be especially weak on your legs because they're tired and wornout. And even if it looks incoherent, one of the best and most natural ways to ease this pain is exercising.

The best choice is to walk, and if your area allows that, to walk around the shore, the sand or perhaps even in the water.

Another good option is to go cycling around areas that don't give too many obstacles, and take long comfortable rides.