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Today you need to defend your relationship's safety against outer attacks. Someone's trying to disturb the stability in your relationship and you can't have anyone do that.

The fact that ghosts of the past are coming back is something you'll have to deal with, whether you like it or not. However, with time going by, you've proven your partner that you've undergone a full makeover, and now they're your whole world.

Therefore, anything from the outside trying to break off your love story is doomed to failure, as long as you stay honest with your partner and don't stray from the right path.


Patience will be the mother of success today for you, Geminis, so if you want something to work, get patient and just go step by step, don't rush it. Don't leave room to imagination. Take care of everything.

You need to find the key to the process that makes you succeed at each task, to push the right keys. Don't trust your wits and spontaneous creativity so much, and listen to your analytical skills.

Otherwise, you're in for a more than relaxed day at work. This routine will only be interrupted by minor jokes in a light-mooded environment.


Even though you never go to the doctor, not even pushed around to do so, you've finally admitted you have a serious problem with your cough, and things can't go on that way.

It's a very important step, especially because you've finally come to understand you're not invincible. Just like everyone else, you can fall sick and require the services of an expert.

Continuing to cough that way day after day isn't just very annoying; it could also even bring serious trouble, like chronic bronchitis or the damage of your respiratory tract.