Gemini Daily Horoscope
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The week begins with a brick wall between you and your partner.

A wall coming out from the blue that stops communication from running smoothly, which must be broken down at all costs.

Bring out your shared strength and be ready to take it down. If needed, take a step back at the same time to gain momentum and shatter it into tiny pieces. 

Once the wall is gone, dare to feel and experience real love.

There's no more barriers, share what you couldn't discuss with each other because of the brick wall you'd both been putting up almost unnoticingly.


You feel you're losing your breath at work again, but you feel it's different to ever before.

You know that there's spies lurking around you. People who would be willing to tell the truth about their own mother just to get promoted, to get a raise or just move ahead at work.

You must stay alert some more for sure. But try to take in your experiences differently, because you can't even stay calm on your toilet break.

Don't let reality become paranoid; up to now you knew how to find the difference between fiction and reality, and things should go down that path.

This nervous state will make you feel mistakes, and perhaps some important ones. Open your eyes wide, so that you can fix the mistake yourself when it comes, with no one finding out. Moving on!


Your emotions are feeling the tension, right? And you're turning your mood into food.

You feel like you're hungry all the time, and you're convinced about it.

Try doing a small exercise; carry at all times a small piece of fruit with you, such as an apple.

The next time you think you're hungry when it's not lunchtime, go for the apple.

If you don't, you'll see you're not really hungry, just experiencing some stress you express in some other way.

You've been keeping things under control lately. Don't bring it all down. Do it for yourself.