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Gemini Magic Horoscope for 16th July

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Some of your partner's dramas are kind of exaggerate. But today it's serious and you need to take it as a big warning sign. This time, they have their reasons, and are being reasonable.

Your partner will cry for attention, and the conversation will not only be really uncomfortable, but it may even turn into accusations and nasty words that open the door for a new war.

Be humble and admit your mistakes, Geminis. Everything can get sorted out, and the stars honestly encourage you to make an effort. Don't let the relationship grow cold, give your partner more attention and love, treat them in a special way every day. Otherwise, you'll be the culprit for the death of a love story with much potential.


The week couldn't start any better, and with more optimism and better perspectives. The key to everything is your effort in every task you've carried out lately. Don't give up now, Geminis, and keep showing your ambitious side to reap even more rewards.

Today you need to give importance to your intuition instead of the voice of reason. Few people have your great storage of genius and intelligence, so put them into practice and use your instincts to reach the best results possible.

Also, get advice when you need it, because having another point of view is an extra you shouldn't rule out.


Here's some advice for today and the rest of the week to improve your health.

Careful with fungi, especially in your feet and nails. Always remember to shower in clean areas with appropriate footwear. Also, be aware that fungi love wet areas, so make sure you dry yourselves properly after the shower.

You should take a look at your stool as well, because if it's softer than normal, almost liquid, something is going wrong in your stomach. Change your diet and bring the right ingredients in.

Finally, don't forget to do lots of exercise this week; it'll be good for you as stress therapy and to improve your blood flow and heart rate.