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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Monday 23rd July

Full Prediction for Today, Monday
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The stars have blessed you with spirituality these days. It's a slow process where you need to be patient and open your soul to the mystical and abstract domains. Why not do it with someone by your side?

After such a hard month for Geminis' love life, you can use those moments of spiritual openness to change the perspective of your life in a relationship.

Turn it around and start basing the importance of your partner on the spiritual, not the material things. If you look for a purer, deeper connection where the soul overflows mental issues, all your ongoing trouble will eventually get sorted out.


Today you'll get great news both about work and your finances. Your investments are doing great, your business is in full swing, and there's an exciting week coming up at work. Soon you'll get improvements that will bring good consequences to your wallet.

It's also a lucky day for Geminis, so you can get a treat and try your luck at gambling. Remember to always do it in moderation and responsibly. It's a pastime that can make you earn some extra money, but don't get obsessed over it.

Today's lucky number is 4.


You'll feel some minor pain in your back, especially after a long day of standing up for hours on end. The pain could also come from sitting on a bad posture for a long while.

You need to be more disciplined about that. If you work sitting, make sure your back's always straight, and if you spend long hours standing up, take breaks often.

A good solution for back pain is to go swimming for a few hours a week, or do some stretching. Your spine is a delicate area for which you need to start taking proper care.