Gemini Daily Horoscope
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The stars trace a long love line for native Geminis. You're in the golden age of emotions and feelings, and especially more so about your love for other people. It's up to you to use it or to let it fall into oblivion.

If you're Geminis with bad luck in love, and you've done a long, fruitless search for a relationship to stabilise your love life, you need to be more hopeful than ever. The chances of a long-lasting relationship to make you happy are open to you, and you need to be more active than ever before on your search. Be receptive and positive, Geminis!

If you're native Geminis with a complicated relationship happening, here's some good news: things will get sorted out. Your relationship will last for a while, so focus about improving your cohabitation and keeping the flames of love and passion alive.


Perhaps you've been sleepless in the last few days, because when you've got a business going on, there's too many issues disturbing our peace and quiet. Here's our first piece of advice considering today's prediction, Geminis: calm down, settle your nerves, because everything's on the right track.

Second, and most importantly: managing a business in today's competitive world means not getting stuck, renewing yourselves every day and being innovative.

The stars foresee there'll be a spark to ignite competitivity in your field of expertise, which will force you during the next few weeks to squeeze your ideas and see how you can bring interesting innovations to your business.



The state of your nerves is starting to be worrisome, and sometimes it isn't enough to try and hold yourselves back, breathing in, counting to ten and trying to meditate. It's the right time to try phytotherapy: therapeutical plants to help you with that.

The best thing is to visit a herbalist, tell them about your issues and ask for a recommendation. They'll know what plants to give you and what advice you should get on how to consume them.

On first thoughts, some basic plants start coming to mind: passionflower, ginseng, lemon verbena, valerian, lemon balm, lime or hawthorn are the most common.