Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Self-confidence and the boost on your self-esteem are making you unstoppable Casanovas who break everyone's hearts. Beyond the temporary pleasure of certain one-time affairs, that has a positive influence on your mood.

Today you'll feel a burst of excitement for the brand new world opening in front of you.

What's most important is that all of this gives you the chance to get to know new, wonderful people. This is quite a valuable, important method of personal enrichment. Therefore, you should use this as a motivation tool and avoid letting any chance you get slide away.


Those Geminis who work somewhere related to arts and humanities have an important date or appointment today, and if they know how to handle and present themselves appropriatey and use their intellectual capacity and skills, they could get a great advantage.

On the other hand, for the rest of Geminis the stars predict there'll be less tension around, and ongoing background conflicts in the office will come to an end. Keep making efforts to be more understanding and to avoid arguments at work.

Finally, today will end on a high note with some good news that will ensure there's an immediate or soon-to-come income.


During night, you may have neglected self-care and forgot to protect yourselves against air gusts. As a consequence, you'll fall ill and become the victim of a summer cold; you know those are especially cruel.

What you will feel today is a nasty build-up of mucus in your chest which will make you cough loudly, and it could eventually lead to some pain and even fever.

Don't be obsessed with medications or start self-prescribing anything. Let the cold carry out its viral process, and if you feel really bad, have a painkiller.