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Gemini Astral Horoscope for Monday 11th June by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Monday
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Today you'll receive a very nice surprise, the kind of surprise that gives you a silly smile for the rest of the day. It'll come from someone very special: a good friend that you helped not long ago.

Heartfelt gratefulness is one of the most wonderful feelings, and it will strengthen your friendship. Besides, it's a present you've deserved for a while, because you've been more selfless than ever lately.

Let this help you keep this attitude up, because today's gift, more than a material reward, is a reminder that all the good deeds we do come back to us sooner or later.


The planets encourage Geminis to be dreamy today, have projects and get excited. You've reached a steady position where, even with some ups-and-downs, with better or worse days, there's a clear ascending line.

Keep holding back from spending and force your investments a little to get good results. But stop looking at your papers so much, raise your eyes and breathe in. Feel the bliss of a job well done. Enjoy the here and now and be optimistic for the future!

Finally, remember that ambition and greed only lead to crises and bankruptcy, and at this point you should pair up financial growth with a good dose of happiness, generosity and calmness.



Dear Geminis, there's good news for your health: all the problems you'd been dragging around will come to an end. That means you're on the right track, and you need to enjoy your wellness by using all that energy at work, and in your social and family life.

But it is in no way free range for you to neglect anything that's led you this far. Especially if you're aged, remember that the balance between feeling good and bad just keeps getting weaker.

So keep taking care of yourself, go to the gym, eat healthy, stay hydrated, be happy and eat the world up.