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Full Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for Monday June 18th

Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Monday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Success in a relationship depends, among other things, on communication, connection and the ability to complement each other. It's a game for two, and lately you've been siding away and leaving your partner on their own.

Reflect and you'll see you need to be more active and committed, and take up some chores so that your partner feels you're a team. Try to avoid that childish side which stops you from being responsible.

Don't be afraid to ask your partner about what they need to feel better, what you can do to give more so that you both feel better. That will be a very important step on your side.


Regarding money, you need to pull out your cold, rational side, and end those whims that could make you broke. In a process of financial recovery, being cautious is a must.

It's okay to make profit a bit slowly, especially at the beginning. These days you've seen money come in, but the weight of your expenses makes it happen a bit slower. It's alright, Geminis, you need to be more patient.

Right now you're running the risk of giving in to your whims and attempt to do a risky investment, or try to increase your income with games and bets. That's a big mistake. Let money come at its own pace.


From today, Geminis, your mind needs to be your strength. From there you need to control your body, try to solve problems rationally and be strong as iron to avoid falling out of balance.

If you've been too close to certain medications, it's time to quit. Only by making your body subject completely to your mind control will you reach calm and steady wellness.

People prone to feeling sick like you should become mentally strong to prevent possible illnesses that come from your instability.