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Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 4th June

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Someone you've known for a long time, very close to your group of friends, and with whom you've shared a precious friendship, suddenly looks different to you. Different to what they've looked like ever before.

Do you feel confused, Geminis? It's okay, in these situations we blame ourselves or try to erase that thought from the mind. But, why not open up to trying something new?

If that feeling is real and pure, and they're a good person, then there's nothing bad about it. Don't force yourself or bring up an awkward situation. Just try to make your feelings clear and let love do the rest.


There's important news at work, and that'll create an awkward feel around the office for most of the day. Changes for good or bad always make the members of a team nervous.

Your position at the company is well-set and framed within a clear, specific hierarchy. So here's our advice, Geminis: whatever news you get, keep your position and willingness at work all the same.

It's important to keep your head in place and persevere in your tasks. Getting out of your responsibility framework at such an unstable time can only be bad.


All is well, Geminis. It's okay if you start taking care of yourselves systematically, and you're even breaking with some addictions. But sometimes, being too strict about it makes us feel irritable and pressured.

Today you can get yourselves a treat, eat a little more and at a wider range, including that forbidden treat that's been on your mind for days. If you go out with friends, having another glass won't kill you. As long as you know how to deal with it, you can afford those little extra pleasures.

You're at a perfectly healthy stage, so now you need to know how to combine your body's top health with personal satisfactions.