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Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Monday 12th March

Magic Horoscope for Today, Monday
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Your relationship isn't working the way you thought it would, and sometimes you want to get away.

Do you really think you need to give up and start over? Does the other person make you that cold?

You may be experiencing a time when you lack desire, which can come from stress, or perhaps because of a medication you're taking, among other factors.

The fact that your partner doesn't attract you now doesn't mean that love is over. Don't be mistaken.

Perhaps out of work, spending too much time with your children or some other business you may have lost your shared private space, and this is what you need.

Look for shared moments, just the two of you, which allow you to connect emotionally with the person next to you.


Your finances aren't too bad, Geminis, so take that weight off your shoulders, at least for the time being.

You're not wasting money away, and you're even saving up some (although not as much as you want, right?).

At work you should try to make information on your work performance run more smoothly towards your boss and other supervisors, no matter what project you're working on right now.

You need to be more decisive with everyday obstacles, and if you can, find the solution yourself without asking for help, unless it's really necessary.

Try to meet your deadlines if you don't want to be called on.


Time is your greatest treasure right now, and it's what you need the most. Both to meet your deadlines, and to have more hours of sleep.

This stops you from getting fit the way you want, and you can't think of a way to make your day last longer.

Find simple solutions. For example, get rid of the elevator once and for all, as well as escalators, and start moving around by going up and down the stairs, no matter what floor your apartment or office are in.