Gemini Daily Horoscope
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You're kind of clueless and absent-minded, and you feel unable to do things.

Your partner will show you how much they care, and they will help you whichever way you need.

Sometimes you forget they're very positive and bring light into your life, and without that other half you would wander aimlessly most of the time.

Pay attention to their concerns, and when the day is over, if you can, reward them for being a shoulder to lean on. A small token, a nice dinner, or that book they've been wanting to get.

We can easily forget about the treasures we have beside us.


You've never been obsessed about material goods. You've never been one to cherish thousands of objects, and you're not a big fan of collections either.

If you want to find quick and easy money, try selling things you've got lying around at second-hand stores. There's also phone apps for this, although you may take longer to find a buyer.

Your organisational skills at work have always been lacking.

As time and years have gone by, you've learned about techniques and apps that might help, but you don't use them because you don't want them, and it's about time.

If you need to deliver something, make sure you know about the other company, and try to customize your CV and cover letter with a brand-based image.


You should start your week by planning the days coming ahead.

Don't let yourself become a supporting actor or actress in the fascinating story of your life, and start doing it by not letting work becoming the focus of your life.

Take time out of it to socialise with your friends, partner, children, parents, and do some activity that you like. Perhaps a bowling day or a bike ride?

You can also do something that makes you feel good, like painting or writing. Don't let yourself fall into oblivion. Do yourself that favour.