Gemini Daily Horoscope |



An untimely comment from a third person will bring trouble into your relationship, Geminis.

An innocent statement will make you and your partner argue and fall into distress out of nothing. Don't let yourselves get dragged away by this, because the reason is silly and unimportant.

You know you love each other, so does it matter what the world thinks?

A relative you're really close to will act in such a way, you'll consider it a betrayal.

Because of the age difference or your personality, you may not be happy with what they've done, which affects you and your trust directly.

Let time go by, because they won't be explaining their actions, but you'll come to understand what led them to behave that way.


You have a gift to detect frauds at business deals. Some sort of radar which tells you who's upfront, and who has different sides to themselves.

Your instinct leads you to run away from them, but today it might be useful to follow them closely and watch every move they make, because they will provide you with interesting information of use for the future.

Careful with your shopping trolley, don't let your food budget crash. Choose cheap, yet nutritious foods. 

And don't complain about junk food being cheaper than healthy food.


Because of changes in your work shifts, unexpected issues and other reasons, your bedtime changes from one day to another.

To get effective, long-lasting rest, try to sleep 8 hours straight. It's not the same as resting less at night and making up for it later in the day with a nap.

Also, if you control your sleep hours better, you'll notice that your day is much more lasting and effective.