Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Geminis, you shouldn't dare to expect from your partner what you're not giving them.

Start Monday with some soul-searching.

When was the last time you gave your partner something nice? You do love those kind presents too, but it can't be one-sided.

You can plan a whole day full of love, with things like sweet short notes or the lyrics to their favourite song, love texts, or sending flowers to their office.

If you've been mean the last few days, don't think twice and apologize, admit to your mistakes. The other person also makes mistakes every once in a while, but it's best if you don't mention it.


You're afraid you'll waste your money this month of March, and you don't know how to face the situation.

Try using less cash for a few days, and if you can, use your credit card.

That way you'll see how many small things you don't buy with cash, and you'll come to realise you don't really need them. It's just small whims that come along as the day goes by.

If your bank allows it, make sure to get phone updates of all payments and charges you get on your card, so that you're aware of how the numbers go down, to have better control of your finances minute by minute.


March 5th is a bit exciting for you and your acquaintances, dear Geminis. So start your day with a good cup of limeflower tea, just in case your nerves start jumping up and down at the slightest chance.

If you can, today you should stay away from stimulating substances: coffee, tea, smoking (if you do smoke and can't quit)...

Also, control sugary foods, because you could be getting addicted to them. They not only give you a jumpy mood, but also break off your resolution of leading an all-around healthy life.

Something else you should know is that sugar increases the level of mouth bacteria, and this can mean the enamel on your teeth is in for trouble.