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You're entitled to feel that your general frustration and discontent come from mediocrity around you. Actually, you haven't been very lucky lately, Geminis, and you've ended up surrounded by people with low expectations and shabby interests.

That's not your thing. You need a highly intellectual environment with people who share your interests: literature, movies, politics, current affairs, science, drama, music...

We live in the culture of immediacy, Geminis, and you may feel that the most essential of things are fading away because everything is mediocre: Instagram pictures, selfies, gossip and YouTubers. It's a truly frustrating feeling.

But keep believing, Geminis: there's still worthy individuals out there. Get surrounded by people with whom to have interesting conversations, and run away from mediocrity.



There'll be bad news at work today which will turn things completely upside down. From first thing in the morning, the office will have an eerie feel. The results aren't what you expected. On the one hand, the managers are nervous; on the other, the team is disappointed.

It'll be a long heavy day, so be patient. Try to find support in your workmates and help them around. It's important to feel together and make a united front: success is shared, but so is failure.

Here's some advice, Geminis: if you feel extremely overwhelmed, remember that this is just work. It is important, yes, but even more so are your health and your life, so don't go to an extreme. Try to work efficiently and stay calm.


Have you felt a stabbing feeling on the left side of your chest? The first thing we think of is the heart, and of course, we get pretty much terrified.

Today you'll have that feeling for most of the day, as if you were stabbed by a needle in short intervals. You'll be terrified and start thinking of the worst.

Relax, Geminis. Heart attack or chest angina symptoms have nothing to do with that. Your pain can come from anything, like a crack in your first or second rib, a minor sinew tear in your muscle, or some gas bloating in an air chamber located between the stomach and the rib cage.

All you need is to rest and stay calm. You'll see that stabbing feeling fade away bit by bit.