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Magic Horoscope Reveals How This Coming Monday Is Going to Be for Gemini

Your Full Horoscope for Today, Monday 7th May
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



Problems within a couple are unavoidable. No matter how much you read, or whatever your friends say, or how much movies and books make you think otherwise.

What is life, other than a constant struggle where you always have to overcome obstacles? Even since we're little, no matter how much we state that childhood is a carefree time where happiness rules.

Today, your partner will be willing to sit down and find solutions together. It's just a matter of talking, knowing where you stand, and how far you're willing to go as members of the same team.


At work there's things that could be done other ways to increase productivity. You and your workmates are fully aware of that.

Still, what the boss says goes. No matter how tempted you feel to do certain tasks your way, you shouldn't do it if you want to avoid warnings.

Take this chance from the stars to be more communicative and talk to your managers; let them know what could be changed and what your proposal is.

This can even let you grow professionally and lead to a raise; or at least some extra compensation for giving solutions to undetected problems.

Don't start thinking you won't be heard. Believe in yourself and you'll reach this small goal to start your week.


Stop looking at yourself in the mirror to point out your flaws. Your face doesn't look that bad, your hair isn't horrible, and those trousers don't fit you as bad as you think.

Oh, dear Geminis. Your self-esteem woke up broken today. But that's alright.

Being down from time to time is normal, and you can turn this situation into a challenge to overcome.

Work hard on your psyche so that you go from bad to better. Stars will send you energy which you only need to know how to receive, in order to see a much better world on the horizon.