Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for this Coming Saturday 14th April

Full Prediction for Today, Saturday
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You found out about a close friend's betrayal, and that hurt you more than a stab.

That person will ask you to get into their shoes, just because you love each other dearly (they love you more than you love them after finding out).

And you'll do it, of course; you'll understand why they did that, but that doesn't mean you accept it or need to forgive.

Your partner will mediate, because they don't want your friendship to end, but you'll make them understand this is exclusively yours, and that they shouldn't get into it.


You've got a collector's edition item around the house you can't get rid of because you feel kind of sad, but you still know you could get a good price on it.

Isn't it sadder not to have money sometimes to pay the bills or fix your car? It's about time you do it before it gets you into really serious trouble.

Forget the nonsense and try to sell it on a second-hand selling app, or maybe you could even give it away to a collector, because it's a very sought-after object and you'll get a great deal of money for getting rid of it.


It's great to diet, and especially, to get rid in your meals of certain items which we definitely know aren't healthy, like fried, sugary or ultra-processed foods.

But don't make the mistake of designing your own menu based on things you've heard without really having an idea, like superfoods, or other foods that have been traditionally eaten but which would be very harmful this day and age.

To do things the right way, the best you can do is visit a certified nutritionist so that they control your weight and numbers, and they will design a diet that will fit your needs in a healthy and balanced weight, and especially, to avoid putting your health at stake.