Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast from the Stars for This Coming Saturday 21st April

Magic Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Geminis, today you'll feel your relationship is slightly robotic. You're two automated beings who do things because they need to be done, without thinking much. You're losing your essence and personality.

It's Saturday, the perfect day to reinvent the story that you and your partner created a while back.

You shouldn't take anything for granted, you need to take care of your romance like a delicate flower that can't wilt away.

Take paper and pencil and write down everything that needs some work to get your spark back.

How about ending the week with a small escapade, going to spend the night at a hotel in a beautiful nearby landscape? Don't forget the strawberries and champagne.


Although your finances are fine, it would be great if someone you loaned money to would give you the money back.

They've been telling you that they'll get you the money when they can, but months have gone by and you feel kind of dumb. Today you'll see that they haven't been in such a time of need for other things.

Don't be shy and claim what's yours, Geminis. Demand the money back because it's about time.

From this, you'll learn not to be so wildly generous when someone comes to see you with a sad story.


Your skin's a little dry, and you're not giving it its due importance, Geminis. It's about time you act before it's too late.

A cheap home remedy is putting on some castor oil, which is a powerful hydrating and cell-regenerating agent, aside from a well-known deep cleanser.

This oil greatly improves the feel of your skin, and it's a great ally in the fight against early aging and its most evident signs.

Also, it's a very interesting product for your hair, because it will give you some shine, softness, and you can even apply it on your beard, eyelashes and eyebrows. It nourishes the hair, restores it and avoids it from looking fragile and dry.