Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction from the Stars for this Coming Saturday

Find out Your Gemini Horoscope for Today, 28th April
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Your powerful glance and smile will be limitless today, Geminis.

The universe is sending you all its energy this Saturday so that you can enjoy love. You'll be okay inside, and you'll show it on the outside.

Your eyes are full of life, and you'll transmit that to your close ones.

Play and flirt with your partner again if you have one; otherwise, just take a stroll around to meet people with whom to share experiences.

You still have to call up a long-time friend to get up to date with your lives. Do it now.

It won't be a big deal for you, and you'll help them around with something they'll tell you about if you ask them.


Starting up a business is great, it can give you many benefits, but especially so if you actually set them into motion.

You're all talk, but no action. You find needs, you create products that might fill them, you tell everyone around you about your greatest big project... and then, you lose all your strength after a while.

Quit playing around, Geminis. If you want to change jobs and open your own business, do it! Find information on how to get on with it.

And especially, do it. Otherwise, stop wasting your energy in building castles on clouds that aren't going anywhere, because people are starting to get tired and stop believing you.


A calm day is coming up, and small pains from everyday life will give you a break (but don't get used to them, because they'll come back).

If you can, have a tiger's eye with you; it's one of the magic stones for Geminis, which will give you an empowering and liberating sensation.

This semi-precious stone can help you to make some practical decisions, as well as to reason and forget about that impulsiveness which can give you so many headaches.