Gemini Magic Horoscope for 7th April

Check Your Forecast for Today, Saturday
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If you can't find love, you may want to wonder why. Geminis, your current focus is on being the person you're expected to, not the real you.

You don't carry out your true hobbies; you just try to blend in with what everyone else does and almost pretend like things are getting done because you want to. It doesn't work that way.

You absorb the tastes of everyone in your friends and family, you try to be one of them instead of doing what you really want.

And the same happens with your dates. You don't get into the relationships of your choice, but into those that you think people would prefer for you.

Life's too short to project a fake façade. Be true to yourself. Allow that to happen, at least this Saturday.


This Saturday was your day off to get back the energy sucked away at work. But something will go wrong; an unexpected call will break your peace.

You'll be asked to do overtime today and take responsibilities that aren't really yours, and someone will try to convince you that it's good for you, that you need to work more unpaid hours to be a better employee.

Someone's trying to bring out the inner Stockholm Syndrome in you, to make you feel sorry for the company and feel you have to give a hand to make it progress.

Don't get it wrong. You don't live to work, you work to live. And if you don't have to, don't go to work today, because you'll set a standard. You'll prove you're ready for them anytime they want, and that doesn't have to be the case.


Geminis, anxiety will eat you alive until it's got you completely stuck in place.

You'll feel you're empty, like you can't give any more. Get away any way you can, go somewhere quiet and get some inner peace, away from phones, computers or people.

Otherwise, your health will pay the price, and you know that your body's giving you some early warning signs already.