Gemini Daily Horoscope
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Today, arguments between friends could become heated, because the fine line between debate and battle could be easily mistaken in the fireline. Then come personal attacks, and everything grows awkward.

On your side, the stars will bring some calmness and peace that will make you the perfect moderator. Use your coolness to calm things down, and avoid an argument to end any friendships around you.

According to the stars, an acquaintance or stranger will try to step on you in some way, and that is totally unacceptable. Your pride and honesty need to be on top of everything else.


Rumours about you are spreading like wildfire at work, and that's seriously affecting your image. It even puts your job at stake, so start pulling out your guns and defend what's really yours.

Let everyone know that your dignity and honour are nothing to be stepped on, and that your professional skills are more than proven.

If they try to bring you down, keep calm, Geminis, because you're a sure winner for being right. Don't make the rumours any bigger, and focus on your job. Continuing to work hard will be your best defense.


If you're lucky Geminis spending time at the beach, remember that sea water has powerful healing abilities. Use sea water to clean your respiratory tract by taking small breaths in through your nose. You should also use it if you've got a wound, because you'll see it heal quickly.

For Geminis who are healing, it'll be quite a productive day and they'll see a radical change in their looks. That will bring some positivity to your mood.

On the other hand, you should use your seduction and attraction powers to bring your partner closer and unleash your full sex passion and drive.