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Read Your Gemini Magic Horoscope Prediction for this Coming Saturday 17th February

Find out Your Forecast for Today, Saturday 17th February
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Well, dear Gemini, you're in for a Saturday full of attraction and energy in the arts of love and seduction, so you shouldn't think twice about using your secret weapons; you'll enjoy much love from your partner, and if you don't have one, wear your best clothes and give it your all!

You shouldn't let this chance slip to make your best efforts.

There's some trouble brewing with someone around you, and it all points out to one of your closest friends.

You can't think about how this chain of negative events has come together, and you'll have to play your secret cards. 


This Saturday it's time to plan your grocery shopping, especially regarding food and everyday items (home cleaning, hygiene…).

You know you should make a list with all the items you need, but you've got a problem because you forget it, or when you don't, you refuse to take it out of your pocket.

Watch your numbers, and stars are telling you to go shopping with your stomach full; when hunger hits in you start filling your basket or shopping cart with unnecessary snacks, processed foods that are much more expensive than what you could make, and products that aren't good for your health either.


You know that every day you grow older, but also wiser.

Lately, setting your ideas in order, you've checked how skilled you are now to find other types of joy that don't fit the traditional description of happiness.

You've also found that there's stages of happiness developing simultaneously, and you have to work hard to put them together in sync.

Don't be overwhelmed about finding what people call true happiness, because it's a fairytale utopia that depends on various circumstances, and you should think that you're not the only person with the solution.

You're on the right track; keep this attitude going.