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Gemini Magic Horoscope Astral Prediction for 14th July

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It hadn't happened in a while, and even if it does you don't even pay attention. You can't see it. But today you will: from the moment you wake up, you'll feel your presence enlightening everyone else.

Geminis today have an important transformation because of the position change of their ruling planet, which influences their charisma in a very special way. When Geminis are charismatic and feel important, they can be powerful.

Take this chance to show your best assets and your most attractive side. If you mistake charisma for authority and an abuse of power, you'll be wasting some precious energy that should help you feel better and to make others see you like that.


Today you've got an ascending position over others which, if used intelligently, could help you to make things work for you. So, for example, if you have an ongoing contract (for instance, for a mortgage or some goods' transaction) you could renegotiate its clauses to be in your favour.

That matches an especially favourable star prediction for Geminis' finances. It's the perfect chance to expand your economy.

If you run a company or have a higher position with employees under your rule, remember that your leadership will settle itself because of your intelligence and people skills, and because of your charisma. Tyranny will play against you, so try to be fair to others.


Today the stars have an important task in store for you: take better care of your teeth. And this includes a lot. From strengthening your dental hygiene on a daily basis, all the way to visiting your dentist to sort out possible minor issues before they become serious.

Regarding hygiene, it's very important to remember to brush your teeth at least three times a day. Every time you do it, you should do it in the right intensity, direction and for enough time.

If your gums bleed a lot, treat them with special toothpastes sold at any chemist's and visit your dentist to get the best therapy for you.