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Gemini Astral Horoscope for Saturday 21st July by Magic Horoscope

Your Horoscope Prediction for Today, Saturday
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The stars open up a pathway towards spirituality, to the elevation of your soul into a more mystical higher ground. That means you're fully ready to open your mind and soul to another kind of personal relationships, much more oriented towards the spiritual domain, and a chance to take up a personal improvement path.

Don't reject those new situations, explore the chances given by the spiritual world, how to socialise with others more purely, and how to see your life optimistically, away from the bad vibrations constantly brought in by personal duties.

Rekindle with yourselves. You choose your own path, but the goal needs to be the same: reaching a point of personal improvement where you feel satisfied about yourselves and others.


Today it'll be hard for you not to take work home, and you'll have to know where to put the limit so that it doesn't steal sleep off of you.

It's been a tough working week, but productive and satisfying at the same time. Even though the work pace has sped up, you've known how to manage your intuition and creativity to bring tasks forward in the best way possible. And the results are great.

But work never stops and you'll feel tempted to use your free time to keep positive inertia going and to get the job done. Don't force yourselves, Geminis, it's time to regain your strength. If you wear yourselves out now, you may lose energy and it'll backfire on you.


Have you heard about tantric sex, Geminis? It's an Eastern philosophy which promotes sex seen as the connection between the stars and divinity through sex. In practice, it's just long sessions of sex with food, dance, cuddling, kissing, and ultimately penetration.

Perhaps at the beginning it may seem strange and create rejection. It's not about you becoming a tantric sex expert overnight who spends 8 hours making love.

But it is a good time to explore some elements from tantric sex that may prove interesting. And which could teach you to ultimately perceive sex from a more spiritual point of view. Perhaps it'll help you connect with your partner better.