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Full Horoscope for Gemini for This Coming Saturday 23rd June by Magic Horoscope

Astral Prediction for Today, Saturday
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The calm conciliation of your home is a pleasure comparable to almost nothing. A pleasure you haven't enjoyed in a while, maybe because you can't separate work from free time, or because when you're finally ready to enjoy some free time, you escape your home as soon as you can.

Still, at this stage of your life, you'd do well enjoying these calm moments in the comfort of home. Gather your loved ones to make an atmosphere where you can feel relaxed and protected.

Today you'll feel that rest, intimacy and calmness are experiences which can help soothe your spirit and balance your life, if you experience them in this way. It's silly to force yourselves to do things and have a plan when you don't need to.



In that sense, for instance, today you'll get a few calls from work claiming your attention. There'll always be a reason to neglect your calm moments and get your head back into a speed game because of work.

The question is, how far are you willing to hold on? How longer can your body take this? You, just like everyone else, need the weekend not just for a break, but to get mentally isolated from all those concerns.

So don't let those calls ruin this feel-good family weekend. Let concerns ambush you on Monday, when you've already charged up and can face them for sure.


In those times in your life when you miraculously find balance between work and rest, family duties and wellness, headaches and satisfaction, you have challenges to face.

Now that your soul is at peace, and you can feel your body and mind are soothed and relaxed, it's time to control some addictions. If you're normally lenient with smoking or drinking, you need to set yourselves the challenge of quitting.

You can do it bit by bit, with no stress, so that it doesn't disturb your currently quiet spirits. But because of that, because of your mental strength, it's the perfect time.

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