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Today's a hard day for Geminis who have been feeling strange and confused about being attracted to their own sex. A complicated... or perhaps magical, liberating day!

These are generally complicated days for Geminis in regards to feelings and love. Maybe these days you've felt attraction to someone from your own sex, although you hadn't felt like this up to now.

Of course, you feel afraid at first. But break your mental barrier. This is not about jumping into the relationship, but you should at least explore your feelings and release yourselves from all taboos and social clichés that condition our choices in these matters.

The stars encourage you to be free, and to feel okay about feeling attracted to friends of our same sex.


Dear Geminis, you have an unexploited ability that could give you more benefits than you think. The stars see you're at too much of a standstill, which makes you underrate inner virtues that make you special in a way.

You're used to performing a mechanic, boring job, so you've entered shallow dynamics which do nothing more than harm. Break out of them, and use your free time to explore other skills until you hit the right button.

Use this process to increase your self-esteem. Finding an unknown virtue somewhere new will prove you're much worthier than you imagined.



Today will be an especially heavy day for ill Geminis. It is well known that Geminis aren't the type to be bed-ridden with fever and a lack of appetite.

Here's some advice: get someone dear (a friend, your partner, your mother) to stay with you at all times. Feeling accompanied will help you to deal with those hard days. Loneliness and boredom are the worst in these cases.

Some more advice: as hard as it is, even if you don't want to, try to eat every once in a while to bring back your body's strength. What you need is patience and rest. And don't rub it off on people around you!