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Full Gemini Magic Horoscope Forecast for Saturday

Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, 17th March
Gemini Daily Horoscope |



It takes courage to get things straight with you, and sometimes you think you make others afraid.

Someone who's romantically attracted to you will bring out their physical and mental strength and will confess their feelings to you.

If you're single and that person is meant to be here, it's your time to prove them your worth, and how willing you are to fulfill your plans together.

Someone you love very much who isn't or hasn't been your partner before will grind your gears.

They're making up imaginary plans that are nothing like reality, and that's why a war is building up.

Take out whatever weapon you want but try to make them get into reason and don't let them act silly.


Load up your power because the Magic Horoscope predicts you'll be putting your financial skills to the test.

A double-zero number will be the solution to an old-time problem.

Even if you deny it, it hasn't come up overnight, and by the end of last year you already knew you needed to face it sooner or later.

Don't take this as an affront; you should learn from the experience and analyse the best way to solve it.

You may consider doing some overtime, or finding a small extra job which allows you to fill that void.

If you can, avoid getting a loan from a Libra friend.


Your health is almost off the cliff, and any temperature change can give you a bad time.

Forgetting about something, an open window, can become an annoying cold which can unleash something much worse if you don't find a way to prevent it.

If you need it, stop for a few days for your health to go back to optimal levels, or at least, more than just halfway through.

It seems hard, and it is, but it isn't impossible. Pull the break, you'll be okay.