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There's just as many truths as people involved in an event.

With your partner, there's two sides to the same story, your point of view and the other person's, and they don't have to match.

If you see this love story going nowhere think about why you're still in; whether it is out of comfort, avoiding family distress or just because you're a person who gives up and makes do with what they're living.

Putting an end to a story is not easy nor comfortable, no matter if you think you're the victim or the killer. But life moves on for better or worse, and today's black spot can become a bright light tomorrow.

Act fast, why should you agonize any longer? Especially considering there's collateral damage, and the sooner you all restart your lives, the better.


Admitting to your mistakes in managing the family's money is terribly hard for you, and you'd rather omit there's been a problem than confessing you could have done it better.

You should watch out so that nothing gets out of control.

But don't cover up your flaws by pointing out others' mistakes, especially at work, because in the end it all comes down to you stronger than before.

Our prediction is that your selling skills will bring you acknowledgement, perhaps a prize, and it will lead to cash.


You have been assigned the happy-go-lucky individual's role, always willing to make others happy.

And you like it, but sometimes you can't do your job and you feel great pressure when you have a bad day, like today, and people wait for you to smile through it all.

If you need to become invisible this Saturday, don't worry. Back off and let each person find their own reasons to smile through life. Better days are yet to come.