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Gemini Magic Horoscope for This Coming Saturday, May 26th

The Future Prediction from the Stars for Today, Saturday
Gemini Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Lately you've been giving your loved one the cold shoulder. It's as if you'd given up on finding love (if you're single) or on igniting the spark with your partner.

Still, today your past memories will invade your mind. Pleasant memories are here to remind you that life is here to live it.

A former partner with whom you had very happy times will remind you love is beautiful. Go find your soulmate fearlessly, allow yourself to be happy.

For dating Geminis, the memories of the first days of your relationship will show you how urgent it is to reignite the spark.



Today you've got a bad feeling about a job you're doing, but which doesn't make you feel quite okay.

It's a good day to rest, but also to reflect on the complicated balance between ethics and money.

On the one hand, you need it to make a living, and we all do jobs we don't like.

On the other, that job breaks the boundaries of what's right: you're doing something that harms others by selling fake items.

The stars have a clear warning: quit this job now! There'll be very positive weeks to find another one, don't worry.




Geminis, did you read More Plato, Less Prozac? It is a snappy piece to make us aware of the need to do more psychological work for ourselves instead of taking antidepressants.

Start reading it, it'll do you good. Lately you haven't handled your emotions properly and that's starting to affect your mindset. You feel more and more frustrated and depressed.

Instead of trying to do some psychological work and finding answers to some troubling questions, you're abusing your medication and think that it will cover everything up.

Start going to therapy today and you'll see yourselves getting better.