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Magic Horoscope Brings You The Latest Gemini Prediction for this Coming Saturday 5th May

Read Your Health, Money and Love Horoscope for Today, Saturday
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Your heart's a bit upside down, Geminis; you don't know why, but you feel a whirlwind of emotions running through your body all the way from head to toe.

Why can't you find out how to give an ending to a love story?

You should bear in mind that if you're the one who says this is the end, you won't be the victim; you'll be the butcher. Don't turn things around and don't take the wrong role.

Call your best friend, meet them up and share everything that's going on your mind. Perhaps when saying out loud what you think, you'll see it isn't that big a deal, or you'll find out how to act.

Listen to any incoming advice, and see how far you can apply it into your own life.


Pay attention to your belongings today, especially your wallet, bag and any other object that could be stolen.

Have as little cash as you can, because stars signal you have many chances to experience distress with this.

Don't be a big spender this weekend, because in the next few days you'll receive some bad news that will force you to spend a great deal of money. You've been warned.

Through social networks you'll get a job offer that promises a lot of quick and easy money, and you'll feel tempted to call them up.

Don't. That's some risky business, and there's boxes that should never be opened, because you may be terrified of what's inside.


This Saturday you need to work on your mental health, and especially your honesty, Geminis.

You can't complain about how unfortunate you are every time someone asks how you're doing, and then do things that go against your own integrity and health.

If you know that certain foods aren't good for your body (for example, sugar-rich foods when you've got diabetes), why do you eat them? You can't go on like this.