Magic Horoscope Brings You The Latest Gemini Prediction for this Coming Sunday 15th April

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Avoiding going steady is what single Geminis all around will do this Sunday, because they'll play the game of flirting and seduction.

You'll get up feeling beautiful. Bravo! This will help you find your sexiest side, thanks to which you'll meet new people and hopefully fit the missing piece into your broken heart.

It is true that, still, today your attitude is more sexual than romantic; but hey, it's okay to express your inner passion, and especially okay to accept feelings as they come.

In family matters, you'll wake up ready to do something together, to arrange a big reunion, although that might be a bit hard. If you want it to become a reality, be very patient and you'll get it done.


This Sunday, if the weather's fine, is the perfect day to get out of the house and go to a flea market.

Using your visual skills a little, you'll find items which, if bought and resold in specialised collector's sites, could considerably increase their value.

Get your phone battery fully loaded and check the price of every interesting item, such as vintage toys, vinyl records and decorational items.

For just a minimal investment you can make a lot of money for no effort; what more could you ask for? You wish making money at work were this simple, right?


Today you should take the chance to go for a walk, because you're moving less than you actually should.

Your job makes you live a sedentary life, and some of your pains come precisely from how little you're moving. You're going rotten in a way, Geminis.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, adapted to the needs of the area you'll trek around.

And be more careful with salt in your meals; lately you've been having too much, and a sodium overhaul is not benefitial at all, something you're well aware of.